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A traitor I am.... but it's all for love!!!!

I have always pride myself in being an ardent and loyal fan of Brian and Justin.... a hardcore, die hard QAF fan! But recently a new couple has taken on my heart and I find myself searching for their fanfics as much as I search for QAF fics.

The love between Agron and Nasir from Spartacus, to me is as powerful as beautiful as Brian and Justin.  Their love scenes may not be as explicit and open as Brian and Justin's but it's still so sweet and well done.  I look forward to every episodes of Spartacus because of them (aside from the thrill, gore and bloody scenes)!  I hope the producer will give them a bigger and more in-depth storyline.

But having said all these, Brian and Justin will always be my no 1 couple!!!......... and will always be my first choice!

But Nagron is just so cute!!!!..... lol!!!!

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The Secret Circle - Final episode

Haish!!!!... I just finished watching the last episode of The Secret Circle.....sigh... they made Charles be in catatonic state!!!!... sigh sigh sigh...... he was so brave in taking on the Devil..... so proud of him!!!

So upset too that there won't be a Season 2.... don't understand why??.... The show was growing on me... initially I was just watching it for Gale Harold...... but the show grew on me... and I was hooked onto the storyline...... haish... no more Gale on tv!!!!!!.... Why do they have to do this...... sigh...... and I luv Gale's/Charles' hair towards the last few episodes!!!!..... 

Wonder what will be next for Gale Harold and I hope whatever show he is in next, they will show it in my conservative country!!!!!!
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Queer as Folks

Re-watching Episode 4 of S5; I just adored the black floral shirt that Brian wore to Michael's dinner, the one where Eli and Monty attended too.  He looks so good in that shirt. 

Anyone has a favorite Brian's outfit??... His black shirt... more black shirt.....and even more black shirt....???

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!!!... 

cheers, E
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So proud to be a part of this.......

I would like to share with everyone this video made by Johnny Robinson who is an inspiration in his own way.  I am so proud to be part of this video (I am in clip 2:48) he made to promote the legalisation of same sex marriage in America.  I may not be American but I believe in his cause and hopefully the same can be done for my Country.

Pls watch and spread it around..... thank you.....
The link to the video:

Sorry but I don't know how to link it a better way.

Much love to all!!!.....
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(no subject)

Re-watching QAF for the past few nights due to datelines on reports and such..... this show is really my muse!!!!... I always never fail to complete my work while QAF is on in the background!!!

But have to say that I like Season 4 minus the Pink Posse storyline.  Other than that, I love B/J's relationship here.  Hunter's storyline.  Vic's and his b/f.  Well.... of coz I didn't like that they had to kill off Vic coz I luv Vic as much as I love Emmett!!!! I even love the cancer bit!!!

Oh well..... I guess Justin needed to grow up and get over Chris Hobb and Pink Posse helped in in a way.....

Just ranting here!!!!... cheers everyone!!!!
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Cassie and Adam Facebook Page!!!!... all gone!!!!!

Sigh...... the Facebook page that I usually get my dose of Gale Harold in The Secret Circle is now gone.  It has been deleted!!!! OMG!!!!..... sigh... sigh... sigh.... where else am I going to get my dose of Gale!!!!..... Freaking out now!!!!... so totally freaking out!!!!.... anyone out there who knows where I can watch the show online.... pls pls pls.... point me the way!!!!..... and I will eternally be grateful to you!!!!.......

sigh......... so sad so sad so sad!!!!
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The Secret Circle

I just finished watching the latest episode of The Secret Circle..... I have to admit, the only reason I watched the series is because of Gale Harold.  But somehow or rather, I find that his character lack someting...... I don't really know what.... but I guess in trying to portray Charles as dark and mysterious person, it turned Gale into a lack-lustre actor which I think is not fair for him.... don't get me wrong, I love Gale Harold.  I think he is a brilliant actor but he seems to lack energy? shine? pizzazz?? in this character.  And the character made him look old too.  Like he aged so much ..... though he still is good looking and all.  I guess I just miss the expressiveness that he conveys in his eyes and facial when he act.  I am not comparing Charles to Brian at all and my feelings here is just based solely on Gale potraying Charles...... hmmm.....

Anyway, of coz this won't stopped me from continuing to support the show.... as long as he plays Charles, I will be there waiting weekly for this show.

Does anyone else feel the same way as me???.. or maybe I am just bias...... 

Hope you guys had a good weekend and have a great week ahead!!!